Gum Contouring & Reshaping

Perfecting Your Smile With Gum Contouring

What Is Gum Contouring?

If you lack confidence in your smile because of either excessive or uneven gum tissue, gum contouring is a great option for giving you healthier, more attractive gums. Gum contouring is a minimally invasive oral surgery procedure that gently trims and reshapes excess gum tissue, focusing only on areas where the gums extend too far over the teeth.

What Are the Benefits?

Aside from a more attractive smile that you can have confidence in, gum contouring has long-term benefits for your oral health. Excess gum tissue can actually increase the risk of gum disease because it leaves deeper pockets where bacteria can hide and multiply. When that extra tissue is gone, it becomes much easier to clean bacteria away with regular brushing and flossing!

Is Gum Contouring Right for You?

At Hummelgard & Dolenz Family Dentistry, we want all of our patients to have confident, healthy smiles. There’s no need to live with a gummy smile for the rest of your life; call 913-367-7270 or email us to schedule an appointment. Dr. Hummelgard and Dr. Dolenz can take a look at your gums and determine whether you are a candidate for a gum contouring procedure.

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