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Our Technology

Dr. Dolenz is known in the area for his use of advanced technologies. Here are a few examples of equipment he and his staff may use during your next visit.


Rotary Endontics

If your tooth requires a root canal we may use Rotary Endontics. This procedure utilizes an electric hand-piece that allows Dr. Dolenz to clean and shape the canals. The treatment will be performed only after sufficient sedation

is applied to the tooth to insure your comfort during the process.
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PlanScan CAD/CAM Restoration System

With this system which is driven by E4D Technologies, we can produce lab-quality restorations in hours instead of days – with remarkable speed and accuracy and on-site milling without

impressions or powders. The result is a vastly improved restorative process that gives you a positive dental experience!
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We use this device to help us detect dental decay before it even shows up on x-ray or can be detected with the explorer. The Diagnodent, which is a completely pain free procedure, utilizes a

fluorescent laser to examine what lies beneath the surface of the tooth. Through early diagnosis we are able to detect and treat decay before it has progressed. The result of this early treatment is healthier teeth and less evasive procedures.
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Dr. Dolenz prefers using microscopes to the use the naked eye to acquire visual information when treating some patients. Tiny visual details cannot be resolved via unaided vision due to the naked eye’s inherent limits of

resolution; in addition, dentists must maintain a minimum physical distance of several inches from most of their patients’ teeth, which makes it difficult to resolve minute details. It is just another way Dr. Dolenz strives for perfection.
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Digital Xray
There are many benefits to using digital dental x-ray images, including:

When the digital x-ray image is exposed, it can be sent directly to a computer and viewed right away. For x-ray film to be exposed, a staff member must

process it in special chemicals. This takes a few minutes.

Digital x-ray images can be enlarged on the computer screen. This makes it much easier for Dr. Dolenz and you to see the pictures. Traditional x-ray films are viewed actual size.

Digital x-ray images can often be corrected without having to make another x-ray exposure.

Because we can print or copy your digital x-ray images, they can also be sent electronically to insurance companies, which may help claims get processed faster.

Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need for film and film processing chemicals

The equipment used in digital radiography exposes dental patients to much less radiation. In fact, digital X-rays use up to 90 percent less radiation than film X-rays. While conventional dental X-rays are relatively safe, digital radiography is an excellent option for those who take X-rays on a regular basis or for those who are concerned about radiation.

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is the pivotal piece to making the process of going paperless both simple and efficient. This powerful tool facilitates patient check in and forms completion via a Tablet PC. Patients can securely complete health history and other forms through an intelligent document center that automatically knows when each form type is due for an update. Patients can also complete forms on-line from

their home or office via our secure patient portal.
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Inter Operatory Computers

We now utilize computers in every operatory.

Soon, it will be law — Federal regulations require the use of EHRs by 2015. We wanted to have a head start and also to demonstrate to you our cutting-edge operational standards.

• Improved productivity — Our staff can concentrate on your experience instead of charts!

• Improved patient care — Important notes and alerts are displayed where they can’t be missed. Imaging and charting options show patients the changes in their oral condition and help them move ahead with treatment.

• Better recall compliance — Our clinical staff can now make your appointment after your treatment.

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Air Abrasion

Air abrasion allows us to perform most composite cavity preparations without anesthesia.

This is good news for our patients for it also means less time in the chair. It’s ability to conservatively scour out stained pits and fissures allows us to detect lesions that simply could not be diagnosed using conventional methods.


Its a way for us to provide better treatments while causing less discomfort.
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